WHRS for Cement Plants
Offered By Division T1

TESPL is proud to be the first Indian Company to successfully launch indigenous, in-house developed & patented technology for Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS) for Cement Plants. TESPL has successfully designed, engineered and installed several Turnkey Waste Heat Recovery Power Plants (WHRPP) for Cement Industry. The technology of WHRS for Cement Plants was highly appreciated by DSIR to TESPL was honored with National award for in-house R&D efforts in Clean Energy & Climate Change Category. This first of its kind green technology developed by TESPL supports sustainable development initiatives.

  • Sources of waste heat
    • Large quantities of Waste gases from pre-heater cyclone and Clinker cooler outlet generally go to the atmosphere without recovery of heat. Even after using part of the heat for raw mill and coal drying, huge amount of heat energy is wasted to atmosphere.
    • We use the waste heat available in these exhaust gases and convert into useful form as required by the cement plant.
    • WHRSfor cement plants can be designed considering the fluctuating temperature requirement of raw mill, coal mill and slag mill during different seasons and installation of waste heat recovery system does not affect operation of these equipments.
  • Utilization of Waste Heat
    • Generation of Power by Steam Rankine Cycle
    • Generation of Power by Organic Rankine Cycle
    • Integration with Captive Power Plant
    • Fly ash drying
    • Water recycling
  • Cement Dust characteristics
      Dust Load Dust Nature
    Preheater 70 to 120 gm/Nm³ Fine, Soft & Sticky
    Clinker Cooler 50 to 70 gm/Nm³ Coarse, Hard & Abrasive
  • Challenges for design
    The patented technology of TESPL for Turnkey WHRPP for cement plants overcomes following challenges.
    • Extremely high dust content in exhaust gas.
    • Sticky &erosive nature of dust.
    • High elevation of Preheater cyclone tower.
    • Limited availability of space.
    • Dust collection.
    • Integration with running cement plant.
  • Reference installations
    TESPL has many successful installations in operation for many years for Steam as well as Organic Rankine cycle.
  • Superior Features of Turnkey WHRPP for cement plants offered by TESPL
    • Both Single pressure / duel pressure options can be offered for Steam Turbine depending upon process temperature requirements.
    • Cooler Mid-tap OR Vent gases are used depending on Optimization exercise.
    • Reliable continuous removal and recycling of dust.
    • Fulfills 28 to 35% of plant power demand through its significant power generation potential.
    • The WHRS for Cement Plants attract CDM benefits as it is CO2 free power generation. It conserves water resources.
    • The turnkey WHRPP for Cement Plants has attractive returns on investment with highest life cycle earning.
    • “On Line Real Time” performance monitoring system provided for continuous measurement of vital performance parameters
    • WHRS system designed to meet process heat requirement of raw mill, coal mill and slag mill. Varied temperature requirements of raw mill / coal mill etc. depending on seasonal variations could be easily met.
    • No adverse effect on manufacturing process as the WHRPP system is designed within available pressure drop allowances of existing fans.
    • Air cooled systems can be offered to save water.
    • WHRPP does not have any adverse impact on specific fuel consumption of Kiln.
    • Waste heat from multiple plants can be combined for a common WHRPP.
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