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TESPL offers process integrated WHRPP for exhaust gases liberated by various industries. These designs of WHRPP include either of Steam Rankine cycle based WHRPP or Organic Rankine Cycle based WHRPP.

The process integrated Rankine cycle based WHRPP offered by TESPL have following features apart from those necessary on case to case basis,

  • Process Integrated WHRPP improves bottom line of process plant
  • Very Low payback period
  • Reduces CO2 and green-house gas emissions
  • Fetches CDM benefits
  • Works within back pressure constraints of primary equipment.
  • Rankine cycle based WHRPPhas variety of designs to suit different types of exhaust gases
  • Modularized construction to reduce installation time.
  • Isolation & Bypass arrangement is provided
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Location of heat recovery system can be indoor/ outdoor.
  • All necessary safeties & interlocks are provided with process integrated WHRPPfor safe and reliable operation of the Heat recovery system and heat source


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