WHRPP on Engine Exhaust Gases
Offered By Division T1

TESPL offers “Waste Heat Recovery Power Plants” (WHRPP) on Engine exhaust gases. The waste heat from exhaust gases is recovered to generate steam/Hot oil which in turn is used to generate electric power. Various available options for power generation include Steam Ranking Cycle Power Plants & Organic Rankine Cycle Power Plants. TESPL is experienced in designing customized and turnkey solutions of WHRPP on Engine Exhaust Gases to optimize power output and customer’s process requirements.


Huge amount of heat energy is rejected to the atmosphere through exhaust gases. The heat energy rejected to atmosphere through exhaust is to the tune of 28-35% of the fuel combusted in the engine. For a total installed capacity of 12 MW and above, the quantity of heat rejected is substantial and the option of secondary power generation through installation of WHRPP on Engine Exhaust gases becomes viable.

This waste heat from exhaust gasesis converted in to useful forms like steam/hot oil by installing waste heat recovery system: -

  • Electricity generation through Steam Rankine Cycle power plant
  • Electricity generation through Organic Rankine Cycle power plant

Reference installations

TESPL already has successful installations in operation for many years.

Salient Features

  • Fully automatic bypass system ensures safety of engines in case of abrupt shut downs.
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation and controls for easy operation and maintenance.
  • Reduces Energy cost and improves productivity.
  • Waste heat from multiple engines can be combined to install a common WHRPP.
  • Air cooled systems could be offered to save water.
  • Reduces CO2 Emission and earns Carbon Credits.
  • Supports sustainable development initiatives.
  • Lowest payback periods & highest life cycle earnings.
  • System is fully automatic, simple to operate & maintain.
  • The implementation of work can be done in phases.
  • No adverse effect on Engine operation as system operates much below back pressure allowance on exhaust side.
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