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TESPL is the leading EPC Company in India experienced in providing customized and tailor made systems such as Turnkey Waste Heat Driven Power Plants and WHRS for Energy Intensive Processesfor improving energy reutilization and for reducing overall energy cost of process plant.TESPL has designed, engineered and installed over 120 Waste Heat Recovery Systems for a variety of heat sources including Gas Turbine exhaust, IC Engine exhaust, Incinerator exhaust, Glass Furnace exhaust, Cement Plant Kiln and Clinker Cooler exhaust, etc. and in a variety of Indian and International locations. In every case, the TESPL team uses years of experience and robust engineering methods to design turnkey solutions customized for clients’ needs with a goal of optimizing output and cost.

Sources of Waste Heat for Turnkey Waste Heat Driven Power Plants and WHRS for Energy Intensive Processes:

  • Engine Exhaust
  • Gas Turbine Exhaust
  • Glass furnaces Exhaust
  • Cement kiln Exhaust
  • Lime kiln Exhaust
  • Furnace Exhaust
  • Incinerator Exhaust
  • Process Hot Gases
  • Condensate Heat
  • Flash Steam
TESPL offers various options for converting the waste heat in to usable forms of energy. These options include,

  • Power generation using steam based Rankine cycle
  • Power generation using Organic Rankine cycle
  • Steam generation for process use
  • Thermic fluid heating for process use
  • Direct utilization of hot exhaust gases to reduce fuel consumption
  • Combustion air preheating to reduce fuel consumption
  • Feed water heating for boilers to reduce fuel consumption
  • Hot water generation for process use
  • Chilling
  • Refrigeration from 0 Deg C upto 55 DegC for ice making and cold storages


TESPL offers techno-economically viable applications of Turnkey Waste Heat Driven Power Plants and WHRS for Energy Intensive Processesas following

  • WHRS for Cement Plants
  • WHRS on Gas Turbine
  • WHRS for Steel Plants
  • WHRS for Glass Plants
  • WHRS for Ceramic Plants
  • WHRS for Aluminium Industry
  • WHRS for chemical process industry
  • WHRS for incinerators
  • WHRPP on Engine Exhaust Gases


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